Dessert’s all made in house

All made in house, all $9
Sweet & Salty Baked Caramel Apple
oven fresh short bread, vanilla seed ice cream

Tiramisu Ice Cream & Espresso
white chocolate bark

Dark Chocolate Brownie
vanilla seed ice cream, warm mocha sauce

NY Style Cheese Cake
gluten free, ask your server for today’s flavor

Three Peaks
cream puffs with rich chocolate, wild berries and vanilla seed ice cream

Dessert Sampler
Chef’s choice


Irish Coffee
Irish Mist & Baileys 8

Spanish Coffee
Brandy & Kahlua 8

Canadian Coffee
Canadian Club, Kahlua & Amaretto 8

Blueberry Tea
Amaretto & Grand Marnier 8

Lavazza – Espresso 4
Lavazza – Cappuccino/Latte 5
Fresh Brewed Coffee 3
Hot Tea 3


All prices are subject to change without notice