Dessert’s all made in house


All made in house

Sweet & Salty

Baked Caramel Apple

oven fresh short bread, vanilla seed ice cream 9

Tiramisu Ice Cream & Espresso

white chocolate bark 9

Dark Chocolate Brownie

vanilla seed ice cream, warm mocha sauce 9

Okanagan Fruit Crumble

vanilla seed ice cream 9

NY Style Cheese Cake

Gluten free

ask your server for today’s flavor 8

Dessert Sampler

Chef’s choice 9

After Dinner Drinks and Coffee’s

Irish Coffee Irish Mist & Baileys 7.5

Spanish Coffee Brandy & Kahlua 7.5

Canadian Coffee Canadian Club, Kahlua & Amaretto 7.5

Blueberry Tea Amaretto & Grand Marnier 7.5

 Lavazza – Espresso 4

Lavazza – Cappuccino/Latte 5

Coffee or Tea 3

All prices are subject to change without notice

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